Marcel Wanders

"Just to make something beautiful doesn’t make me happy”

Rita Valadão

"I get emotionally involved in the projects”
Special Outdoor- Architecture, Design and Décor

Patrícia Coelho

"Outdoor furniture (...) goes hand in hand with social function”

Susana Bettencourt

"I would like it for the brand not to die with me”
Special Outdoor- Architecture, Design and Décor

João Ceregeiro

"Enhancing the surrounding space is enhancing the landscape”
Special Outdoor- Architecture, Design and Décor

Aurora Carapinha

"Many political decision-makers have no clue what we do” 
Special Outdoor- Architecture, Design and Décor

Nini Andrade Silva

«In an outdoor space, a feeling of comfort and harmony is important»

Tiago Monteiro

"There are more astronauts than there are drivers competing in the Formula 1”
Special Outdoor- Architecture, Design e Décor 

João Bicho

"We have to start relying less and less on water” 

Mário Martins

"Some projects are designed from the outside”
Indoor Special- The Chef's kitchen

Joana Marcelino

The chef’s kitchen in the eyes of the architect and interior designer
Indoor Special- The Chef's kitchen

João de Sousa Rodolfo

The chef’s kitchen in the eyes of the architect 
Indoor Special- The Chef's kitchen

Henrique Sá Pessoa

"My obsession is doing projects that excite me, make me grow and make me happy” 

Tiago Flores

"Xiaomi is the most connected brand in the world and we want to bring that connectivity to Portugal”
To Move

Rodrigo Seabra

"I'm doing a good job, I’m very proud of what I’ve achieved so far”
Indoor Special- The Chef's kitchen

Ricardo Costa

"The act of cooking is an act of inspiration and creativity”

Greg Natale

"Look around and forge a path that is distinct from others”
In Style

Miguel Vieira

"Portugal is not a country with a fashion tradition”

Vítor Vitorino

"I live every hour of architecture intensely”
Indoor Special- The Chef's kitchen

Chef Justa Nobre

"A full meal is served at a well laid table”
Especial Indoor- A cozinha do Chef

José Avillez

"Right now, we are assessing the possibility of opening a space in Los Angeles”
Indoor Special- The Chef's kitchen

Chef Rui Paula

"People who come into the kitchen need space to mingle”
To Move

Elisabete Jacinto

"I have proved that dreams can come true”
In Style

Nuno Miguel Ramos

"There are many ways of being sustainable without being a hypocrite”


Nuno Matos Cabral

"There are things that look like rubbish, but which can be transformed into luxury”


Karim Rashid

"My inspiration is to beautify the world and shape the future”


Elora Hardy

"It’s been amazing to see how Ibuku’s work has helped shift the idea of ‘sustainable’ design”


Marina Ruy Barbosa

"People are looking for conscious and intelligent consumption” 

Paulo Mateus Pinto

"By 2025 all our items will be 100% responsible”


Joana and Marta Aranha

«The essence of our work is storytelling»


Miguel Câncio Martins

«If everyone were to do their bit, this will have an impact on the climate»

Sérgio Neves

"We have never been a closed-off company"

Miguel Pires de Lima

"I think that what is timeless for some, isn’t for others”

Miguel Saraiva

"Mastering scale is the greatest challenge for architects"

Artur Miranda

"Oito em Ponto tells the story of the recreated space [Château Saint-Maur]"

Luisa Battaglia

"A product comes by imagining a context"

Sílvia Bernardino

"I like to improvise! To say yes to life’s challenges as they arise"

José Carvalho Araújo

"When architecture is explained, it is no longer art"
José António Lopes da Costa

Lopes da Costa

“Architecture projects are the area we’re most excited about”

Jennifer Brachmann

"Bauhaus is part of my design DNA"
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