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(1) This website (hereinafter also referred to as «site») has the primary aim of publishing on the net, according to certain conditions, the content of the magazine TRENDS – Know the Difference, in order to reach a broader target audience. It also aims to make available other content, which has not been published in the print version of the magazine and which fit into its editorial style.

(2) The site, as well as all data, texts, images, software, video or audio inserts within it are solely and exclusively for personal use and as such cannot be used for commercial purposes or for public purposes, except with the express written consent given by PM MEDIA.

(3) In the event the user does not consent to these rules for access and use, to which this website is subject, he/she should refrain from accessing this site or its resources, and should leave it immediately.

(4) Browsing this site, its content and any services provided assumes that the user has accepted, consciously and fully, its terms and conditions of use – which are in force at any time – wherefore there will be no justification, according to the legal requirements and rules of good faith, for the invocation of ignorance or non-acceptance of the same.

(1) Users are expressly advised that all content - whatever format - placed on this website are covered by intellectual or industrial property rights, the ownership of which is that of PM MEDIA or of third parties. Accordingly, the user, in compliance with applicable law (cf. section VI below), must respect, at all times, the referred intellectual or industrial property rights.

(2) Any content placed on this site that is not owned by PM Media is the exclusive property of the institutions / brands / photographers that provided them, and PM MEDIA cannot be held responsible for the misuse of them by third parties.

(3) Even when credits are not published next to the contents supplied or made available by third parties to PM MEDIA, PM MEDIA guarantees the full respect for their authors or owners, with no intention of appropriating them, but only to disclose the goods and / or services in question.

(4) With respect to copyright with relation to photographic work, entitled to protection, the content of II – 3 above will apply, notwithstanding the provisions in article 167 of the Code of Copyright and Related Rights.

(5) Access to and use of the website does not constitute, in any way, any assignment of intellectual or industrial property right, either of this website or any content or integral part thereof.

(6) Except when permitted by the applicable law, any reproduction, modification, distribution, public communication, making available, extraction, reuse, forwarding or use of any kind, by any means or procedure, shall be subject to prior written authorisation from the holder of the corresponding rights, otherwise deemed as unlawful conduct, with such unfair and illegal use able to give rise to the corresponding legal proceedings against the offender.

(7) The user is expressly forbidden from making any link or «mirroring» from or to any element, webpage, or integral part of this website without the express prior written consent of PM MEDIA.

(8) Notwithstanding the provisions above, the user, in strict compliance with the purposes of the site (see above, I. 1.), is authorised to duplicate, store and print copies of all the data available on this website, provided that he/she acknowledges and is aware that the intellectual and industrial property rights, inherent to these contents, remain always in the ownership of PM MEDIA or of third parties.

(1) Notwithstanding the respective user incurring, when accessing and using the website, the sole responsibility of such use, this must be made, however, in strict compliance with these rules, and with the rules and practice of civility, good faith and responsibly.

(2) The user is fully aware that his/her use should not prejudice, in any form or by any means, the image and good name of this site, as well as that of PM MEDIA, and must for this purpose take all precautions and take all necessary and appropriate steps that are required in accordance with applicable legal criteria, as well as the habits and customs.

(3) In order to facilitate access to other content, pertaining to and attached to this site, links may be placed on it, which refer to other sites or web pages, for which PM MEDIA has no control and cannot therefore be liable in any way. In fact, these links constitute in no way the support of PM MEDIA of any content, including opinions, products, materials, advertising or services of these sites or web pages, for which it henceforth and expressly, withdraws from any responsibility. The user must always read and accept the conditions of use and access of each site he/she intends to use.

(4) Notwithstanding the care and thoroughness placed in the creation, selection and making available of content on this site, PM MEDIA is not responsible for any oversights, misspellings, or the like that may included, without prejudice to committing to endeavour to correct them once it has knowledge of them.

(5) All data and opinions appearing in opinion articles, as well as all content and «messages» in advertising, contained on this site are the sole responsibility of their authors.

(6) PM MEDIA accepts no responsibility for shortcomings, interruptions, delays, errors or omissions relating to or arising from the transmission of its electronic publishing that is not demonstrably and directly attributable to it.
(7) All elements and contents appearing in this website are provided without guarantee of any kind, in absolute terms, i.e. the content is made available «as is», whereby PM MEDIA rejects all and any liability concerning and to the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws, with any risk thus taken entirely by the user.

(1) It is hereby clarified, for all intents and purposes, that the use of the site does not result in, or, better put, does not lead to, the automatic registration of any personal data that identifies the user. However, there is some non-personal information, not identifiable with a specific user, which is collected and is recorded in PM MEDIA's internet servers, for the sole purpose of improving the navigation of the user and site management.

(2) Notwithstanding what is stated in (1) above, for the use of certain content or services, PM MEDIA may have to request, in advance and in writing, certain personal data from the user. However, the availability of personal data, in addition to the terms of its treatment, requires the express consent of the user.

PM MEDIA reserves the right to cancel, modify or supplement the content of this site as well as this legal notice, at any time and for whatever reason, without, to this end, having to give any prior notice.

The website, in addition to all of its content, without exception, is protected by the relevant Portuguese and Community Law, in particular by the Code of Copyright and Related Rights and by the Code of Industrial Property.

In the event of further clarification or doubt, about these site operation rules, as well as any error, oversight or «broken link » you may detect, or in the event of request for consent, as indicated above, please contact us via electronic mail message to:

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