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The pandemic has turned the world on its head and the fashion world has been shown the door

Ricardo Guedes

Model and presenter

Ricardo Guedes
Fashion shows were cancelled, collections were postponed and factories stopped in their tracks to switch to producing masks.
Covid-19 has forced us to review values and change our habits as a society, causing profound changes in our behaviour. 
From working from home to remote schooling, from social distancing to seeking greater sustainability, from wearing a mask to conscious consumer habits, we are different from the person we were before the pandemic.
With regard to the fashion world, impulse buying and excessive and ostentatious consumption are now under review, not only because of lack of money and more attention to the economy, but also because, after social isolation, there has been a change to the vanity of consumers. 
"Pyjama looks” may well be seen wandering the streets now and the quest for well-being is a reality, as are the social attitudes and behaviours that have a positive impact on society. 
Brands are heading in the same direction, in which awareness and the values they convey are an important factor in consumer choice.The fashion sector is very vulnerable to the crisis and a new trend of "less is more” is beginning to appear, leading brands to higher quality and greater sustainability, where everyone wins.
The media campaigns of companies are currently going through a period of change, the essence of brands lies in how they connect with consumers and communicate their products, appealing to the transparency of values and the involvement of more and more influencers, magazines and websites that advocate the same principles.
The post-Covid-19 era has revealed a greater patriotism, consuming what is Portuguese is currently the most important item in your wardrobe.
Stay well, stay safe and always wear your mask in public places
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