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Paulo Lago de Carvalho

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Hobbit style magic

Catarina Araújo

Architect at CC Arquitetura Lda.

Catarina Araújo
Thirty years ago, looking at life through the eyes of a child, I imagined that my house would have colourful windows and doors, a swing at the entrance, and would be covered in grass, with a touch of magic in the style of The Shire. 
I cannot pinpoint the exact moment when this image of the ideal house began to fade in me, but life’s journey led to me becoming an architect, and to see the world differently, leading me to question what really matters in the space we inhabit, and, in this way, getting closer to the desires of anyone who entrusts us with design "their home”. 
Are we the reflection of the space we inhabit or is the space we inhabit our reflection?Our home might not be the place where we spend most of the day, but nevertheless it is the one where we forget the formality of the outside world and allow ourselves to relax, to be more vulnerable, because it is the place where we feel safe. Unconsciously, our home becomes part of us.
Accordingly, when designing a home, whether it is a house or an apartment, everything should be thought of according to how the space will be lived, from the form, to the colours and materials used, to the relationship with outdoors, to the light, to how the interior spaces interact and interrelate with each other, to the decoration itself, so that the people who live there can find in the different areas what they most need, whether it is cosiness, peace, privacy, or the contact and proximity with all those who live there. 
It is the architect’s job to guarantee the necessary conditions so that all the spaces function in a coherent and harmonious way, creating a final result that gives the future inhabitant the possibility to give it their personal touch and give it their identity.
Although, in adulthood, the image of our ideal home in no way resembles the Hobbit world, its essential foundation remains the same: the dream, refuge, protection...
Today, with 17 years of experience, in a relationship with architecture involving hard work and stubbornness; with 15 years of school collaborating with architect Fernando Jorge, who undoubtedly marked my entire professional career; and with two years of freelance work in conjunction with a colleague and long-time friend, not only in housing but in all other kinds of spaces, we hope to continue to be able to make our contribution towards ensuring every project makes someone’s dreams come true.

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