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Paulo Lago de Carvalho

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The bridge between excellence and fashion

Joaquim Salgado


Joaquim Salgado
The word "fashion" automatically makes us think about the way we dress and what shoes we wear, expressing society’s values. In other words, fashion is a socio-cultural phenomenon, a system that accompanies clothing and time and integrates the simple use of garments in everyday life in a political and social context.PULSER, as a high-end brand, aims to establish a bridge that connects the excellence of the items it produces to fashion in general, so as to fit any style and context, both social and political. 
All our products are made in leather, exclusively by us and in Portugal, which is an immense source of pride. We have a dynamic and creative team, qualified workers with decades of experience, so we can guarantee to our customers all the quality that we present in our products. We strive for the height in exactitude and excellence, from the choice of materials we use to the delivery to the customer, while always keeping in touch with the aim of providing after-sales support. Every detail is perfected to turn the design into a luxury piece.
For PULSER, footwear is much more than just comfortable boots or trainers for daily use. For PULSER, footwear is a key part of any look and makes all the difference when worn as a fashion piece.
Each collection we create follows the current trends, always with a touch of originality and exclusivity, characteristics that are already familiar to us. Fashion is increasingly adapted to each customer, and PULSER offers the option to customise several models, for example, putting the name on the shoes themselves, making them totally exclusive and personalised.
We have a wide range of models with the most varied colours and details at our customers’ disposal, in order to meet the taste and needs of each customer, adapted to different styles and contexts.

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