Miguel Stanley

"The secret is happiness”

He was born a little over 40 years ago, but it would take hundreds of pages to present Miguel Stanley in the way he deserves. His reputation goes far beyond his involvement in television programmes, having crossed borders long ago. A dentist since 1992, Miguel Stanley has helped create beautiful, healthy smiles, which reveal a sense of happiness reiterated in smiling eyes, and has inspired a new generation of dentists. Founder and CEO of White Clinic, speaker at lectures, collaborator in scientific journals, among many other activities that fulfil him, Miguel is happy when he is able to change the lives of those around him, because it is love that defines the success of what he does.

You were born in South Africa. Your mother is British and your father Portuguese. So, just where does Miguel Stanley come from?
I feel Portuguese, but with an international soul. I chose to live in Portugal. This country is one of the best places to the live in the world. 

Was being a dentist your childhood dream?
Basically, I just want to be happy. I’m very good at what I do. I studied hard and work hard with my team to ensure high levels of excellence. This makes me happy. When I was a child I had no idea what "I wanted to be”. I went to university and studied dentistry, but what I am today and what I represent in the industry goes way beyond my aspirations back then.

The latest technologies, the finest materials and a specialist and multidiscipline team. Is there any other secret behind the success of White Clinic?
Our secret is happiness. For many years I thought the recipe to success had to do with figures. It took me a while to realise that human value and the basic component of love define the success of what I do. Nowadays, White Clinic is also interested in the amount of lives it changes, not only of our patients, but also of the people that work with us. 

Oral health or cosmetic dentistry?
Both. Your smile is one of the most important factors behind self-esteem and emotional well being – it is the ultimate expression of happiness. To be able to smile you need teeth. This is what we do: we sort out the teeth of your smile. For me aesthetics isn’t just about beauty. It’s about health, function and, primarily, about results that you can’t see: I want to see your eyes and not your teeth. 

The Portuguese became more aware of you when you appeared on the TV programme Doutor, preciso de ajuda. What’s your take of being in the media spotlight?
I don’t feel famous; I simply feel recognition for my work. Long before Facebook or Instagram I was already appearing in Portuguese homes, showing just what our profession can achieve. I feel that I helped develop the profession and to inspire a new generation of dentists. Nowadays my reputation goes beyond the confines of Portugal, and this is something I take great pride in.

"It took me a while to realise that human value and the basic component of love define the success of what I do.”

You’ve already written a book. What is Saúde, no Caminho para a Felicidade [Health, heading towards happiness] about?
It’s an analogy to life of a normal family, to show that the most important investment we can ever make in our lives in our well being and in our health. I’m writing two books at the moment. I hope to have both published by the end of the year.

Speaker at international lectures, collaborating in scientific journals, producer, founder and/or CEO of some business projects, creator of Linha Dentária … which of these activities excites you the most?
The fact is that I am the product of these activities. If I’m doing them, it is because I believe in them and in the potential they have to change my world and the world around me.

Any dreams yet to come true?
Yes, I dream about universal access to quality dental care. Not based just on financial return, but rather ethical and gold-standard procedures. To ensure treatment is a success, various dentists, specialising in different areas need to be involved. This the most immediate way of bringing all these specialities to every patient. 

You recently revealed an unknown facet by releasing an album, with music you wrote and performed. What has been the public’s response to «Simplify»?
It was a fundraising event for two charities which I work with (the Humble Smile Foundation and "Mundo a Sorrir”). It was the first and only time I have performed a live concert. It was a very gratifying experience, which I hope to repeat on December 28, later this year.

You are a very busy man. Do you have time to look after yourself and spend time with loved ones?
Fortunately I have an incredibly organised team. There’s a great deal of planning involved in my day-to-day. I like to switch my mobile off when I’m with my family; this work-life balance is something very important for me. 

You are smile maker. What makes Miguel Stanley smile?
Seeing my friends happy, seeing people around me achieving their dreams, seeing my team happy and above all else, being free of stress.
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