Common Sky

Under a ‘mirrored’ sky

Uniting design and culture, this project, located in Buffalo, New York, explores glass and its infinite possibilities. As a modern art venue, Studio Other Spaces adopted an inclusive approach, establishing a space that would be inviting to all people, as if uniting them in a common identity.
Common Sky, so named for its purpose, was designed to cover the Seymour H. Knox Building’s courtyard with a unique glass roof, which incorporates alternating mirrors and transparent glass panels to accentuate the illusion of movement. Acting as a transformed lens, it welcomes the seasons and the natural elements, which themselves reproduce theatrical effects. The mirrors, positioned at various angles, create mesmerising kaleidoscopic reflections and the geometric language of the surrounding space is mesmerising. It’s a work that’s difficult to measure, given that it must also be calculated in terms of the emotion and affinity it aims to convey to those who visit it.
Joana Rebelo
T. Joana Rebelo
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