Safari Apartment

The Story Continues

This comprehensive decoration project, by Wonderstudio, was developed at the request of a short-term rental company.
Located in central Lisbon, more specifically in Santa Marta, the 50-sqm property was already furnished, but without anything to set it apart, which was stopping the client from achieving the return he was hoping for. Thus, the aim was to create a unique visual identity, highlighting the history of Portugal. The final idea was based on the Portuguese Discoveries: with elements that refer to maritime voyages and exploring, nautical science and, for the most part, Africa, making a historical connection with the city and the country, making a bold departure from the usual themes and transforming this space into a unique place to spend a few days in Lisbon. Thus, true to form, the materials, finishes and decorative pieces were chosen accordingly: such as the ropes in the living room and the trunk located in the bedroom that serves as a small wardrobe.
P. Wonderstudio
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