Antiga Barbearia do Bairro

Campaign supports the Portuguese Cancer League

A lot has changed after one more unusual year, like the last one, but not the cancer. The disease did not slow down, and did not obey to confinement or rules. Therefore, it is imperative to continue the fight. Thus, for the fourth consecutive year, the Antiga Barbearia de Bairro (that we can translate as the Old Neighborhood Barbershop) reinforces its support for The Portuguese Cancer League and the fight against prostate cancer, launching the campaign Os 7 Magníficos (The Magnificent Seven).
During the entire month of December, in the purchase of any of the brand's 7 coffrets, €2 will be donated to The Portuguese Cancer League. The campaign is available at authorized sales points. Learn more at
Getting tested for prostate cancer takes less time than the ritual of shaving and should therefore be included in every man with 45 or more years old routine. Thus the brand warning: "If you are over 45, you should seek information from your physician. As a male brand, in this campaign we alert to the fact that the prostate cancer can affect any men, even those tough as old boots.


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