Paulo Lago de Carvalho

“Undefined detail”

Paulo Lago de Carvalho

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José Carlos Oliveira

“For the radicalism of a simple gesture”

José Carlos Oliveira

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The Role of Interior Design

Mário Picouto

Interiors Designer

Mário Picouto

The acquisition of a property is always an important step in the lives of the person buying it. It is a huge investment, often for life. So we have to make it our calling card.
For me, spaces are a reflection of what we are, of our experiences, our emotions, our tastes... I therefore believe that we should pay close attention to how we decorate them and transform them into an extension of ourselves.
As a professional working in ​​interior design, there is nothing more depressing than looking at a property, often worth a great deal, and seeing that not the slightest amount of interest and/or care has been taken in its décor, leaving it cold and impersonal.
The decoration phase is always very intense, as it is like dressing a naked space with the finest clothes and giving it a unique, exclusive, comfortable look... Thus, it is always important to have a connection between the décor, architecture, and indeed the surrounding environment, to ensure harmony between all the elements as a whole.
When I’m approached to develop an interior design project, I always take care to properly get to know the client; to understand their tastes, their experiences, observing their style and way of being. This is half the battle in ensuring a successful project, because the spaces that I create are for the client to live in, not me, although my personal stamp is always present in all of them, whether architecture or interior design. This is a crucial aspect, which means that most of the time I end up forming friendships with clients, which endure beyond the project.
For me this is the essence of decoration... bringing people together, making them discover a little of me through my work.

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