Welcome Home

Overlooking the city of a hundred spires

The lights enter the space at dawn. It’s no coincidence that Prague is known as the golden city. You can see it from its terraces, beautiful and simple, and that’s how you spend your daily life at Welcome Home: cooking, working, reading and sleeping, in an apartment where the views are endless. Created by No Architects studio, in the Czech Republic, the space is designed for all ages and ambitions, as the living room has been divided into three to make room for the games room, office and guest room. It has all the rooms you need for practical family life and also to escape the restlessness of little ones - so much for the 228 square metres of available space. The oak floors and light solid wood create a serene atmosphere, matching the primary shades chosen to colour the walls. The details are captivating, emphasised by the monotone nature of the light colours, and it is in this play of minimalism, receptive to patterns and bright colours, that a home with perfect features and happy spaces presents itself.
Joana Rebelo
T. Joana Rebelo
P. Studio Flusser


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