Restaurant Yoshinori

In the heart of Paris

Right in the heart of the Saint-Germain des Prés quarter, in Paris, stands the restaurant YOSHINORI. As you enter, the light shades of the walls, in contrast to the bluish gray of the chairs, grab your attention. The mixed structure, in stone and wood, as well as the dining room on the ground floor, invites you on a French gastronomic voyage, prepared by the hands of Japanese chef Yoshinori Morié. The good aesthetic taste and the knowhow typical of his country of origin can be seen in the dishes, matching, of course, the magnificent design and decoration of the interior space of the restaurant. The architecture and design team of Alia Bengana Architecte and of Atelier BEPG, sought to implement Japanese culture in the form of traditional art, using typical Japanese kumiko wood panels on the walls. The designs are based on the repetition of a triangular pattern. The 70-sqm area required a great effort to the team, since it was necessary to intervene throughout, finding space for kitchen equipment, storage, carts, refrigerated wine rack and reception. It was the introduction of openwork wooden screens that allowed designers to define the spaces, allowing the feeling of intimacy in all areas of the restaurant.
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T. Maria Cruz
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