Orijins Coffee Shop

The perfection of imperfections

Conveniently located at street level in the Dubai International Financial Center, the Orijins Coffee Shop, a stylish new café designed by Dubai based interior design studio VSHD, takes inspiration from the beautiful imperfections found in nature. Simplistic in form and rich in texture and materials, the café’s design shows the beauty that can be found in a sparsely decorated space of soft plaster and creamy opaque shades, which lend their delicacy to natural elements such as sand, shells, stone and wood. In the absence of a rich use of decoration, visitors are motivated by the shapes that bring the space to life, such as the curved volumes in the ceiling, which provide a sense of calm and ‘feet on the ground’.
Filomena Abreu
T. Filomena Abreu
P. Oculis Project


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