Kylin Sheng Restaurant

A retreat for the soul (and the palate)

We’re in Zhengzhou, China. Our quest is a restaurant to soothe the body and mind after an intensive day’s work. It’s cold, the sounds of the city are loud and the desire to get away from the crowds is insistent. That’s why we chose Kylin Sheng, a place where everything is enhanced spiritually and, above all, gastronomically. The inspiration for the creation of this "temple” comes from a mythological being who goes by the name of Qilin. Symbolising good omens, this mystical creature served as a motto for interior decoration, conveying pleasant vibrations of colours and textures indoors. The seductive interplay between light and shadow creates immersive experiences. At the table, the setting is identical to that of a winter’s night, with the fog floating on the ceiling and the lights creating a mysterious atmosphere. The difference is that you don’t feel the cold, it’s absorbed by the wave of warmth that hangs over Kylin’s 1550 square metres. Daxiang Design Studio has designed a place with space to relax and warm your senses.
Joana Rebelo
T. Joana Rebelo
P. 404NF STUDIO, Fang Wenchen


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