In White Residence

Dressed in white 

True to its location, In White Residence is a tribute to Albufeira – the city where the property is located and where a space with little life and light has been transformed into something special and with its own character. The entire house is covered in white and has been enhanced by distinctive textures and materials, with the appearance of touches of sandy hues. When the project was being carried out the very most was made of everything that was inside in, pieces that deserved to be upcycled and given a new life. An example of this is the headboard of the bed in the master suite, which results from the railings originally in the century-old entrance door, which dates back to the time when Albufeira was still a village. Interior designer Patrícia Gonçalves, responsible for the project, sought to maintain some of the house’s essence, "through a niche where the type of [the house’s] construction has been exposed. And to see this project being born, growing and gaining another life was a privilege”. And with the renovation of the spaces, the recycling of pieces, the Arabesque kitchen covering, which has an Arabic influence, and the installation of unique lighting the house gained new life. In White Residence was conceived as an Algarve refuge, for those who visit the Algarve and want to relax in the silence of these four walls, while close to Albufeira’s historic old town. We can say that it is a space with two personalities: "Night and day create new atmospheres and new sensations… This is a house that has to be lived and experienced,” explains the mentor of the project, from the studio of the same name. It was a demanding challenge, because the client is also demanding – besides being a person very interested and involved in the project, accompanying the entire process of the property’s renovation. Located in a charming town, and just a minute’s walk from the beach, snapshots of the existing outdoor surroundings have been brought indoors, so the Algarve’s soul is reflected in the decoration experienced indoors, from the white of the walls to the decorative cushions – which are reminiscent of decorative hollow bricks, contrasting with the Algarve chimney, which has been transformed into an outdoor lamp, to the white pottery vases – traditional Algarve pieces –, and  the scent of Algarve figs and oranges from the candles that perfume and decorate the house. This is a cosy beach house, with only one floor, with three bedrooms (one of which is en-suite), two bathrooms and a pleasant living room with a fireplace and an American kitchen, where you can feel the harmony of the house, in which all the rooms are connected to the inner courtyard. There is a plunge pool and a relaxing waterfall. In this place you can feel the warmth and cosiness of a typical Algarve house and a breeze coming from the ocean to welcome you.
Maria Cruz
T. Maria Cruz
P. Leandro Franca
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