Kitchens with design and technology

The world is made of rock. We build and create on rocks and with rocks. A primordial element of nature, rock is present in our lives in the most varied forms. And if nature is capable of sculpting it with art, Gneisse knows how to do this too, to make it beautiful, elegant and adapted to your most discerning tastes. 
Gneisse, whose name comes precisely from the quartzite rock of the same name, is a Portuguese brand based in the north of Portugal and founded in 1979 by António Correia. This is a company dedicated to designing kitchens to be experienced to their fullest. Its portfolio includes several projects that combine design and technology, using the finest materials, while always looking for the best solutions.
Gneisse, because, like the rock, this is a company that was born strong, solid, and with the intention of enduring over time.
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