Gar Apartment

Art, fluidity and light

With a privileged view over the Parque do Povo, the Gar apartment is located in a building on the banks of the Pinheiros River in São Paulo, Brazil.
The challenge for architects Cesar Coppola and Daniela Coppola, from Coletivo Arquitetos, was to transform the apartment’s fragmented spaces into a dynamic home for a family passionate about the arts. Thus, the spaces became fluid. The clean, white ceiling lights up, and the slatted wooden panels clad the walls below the height of the beams. Minimalist paintings have been used to expand the view of the park, and a green transition area on the balcony draws nature into the interior. Natural prevailed in the choice of materials. Calacata marble was the choice for the central box, the floors are of Persian limestone and American oak defines the panels and furniture. 
Filomena Abreu
T. Filomena Abreu
P. Fran Parente


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