Tarpon Bend

By the river 

This is another one of the magnificent sustainable projects from Strang Design studio. The essence of the company is reflected in the Tarpon Bend property, starting with the architecture, interior design, decoration and landscaping, completed by the sustainable design that it knows how to portray so well. The residence, developing over some 8000 sqm, located in Fort Lauderdale, in the United States, was designed around existing oak trees, ensuring its harmonious integration with nature. Aligned with sustainability, innovative technologies were also taken into account when designing the house, considering engineering systems focused on well-being and a range of factors, such as cross ventilation, deep overhangs and solar panels on the roof; lighting that works according to circadian rhythms and which can be programmed; and the mechanical water system, which treats and improves the quality of the local water supply. This is a modern house, adapted to the local climate, with total privacy.
Maria Cruz
T. Maria Cruz
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