Ecodistrict laMercedes in Barcelona

A "neighbourhood” made of paper

Closed off and in disrepair, the former Mercedes factory is getting ready to be resurrected from the ashes by Batlleiroig Architecture. Although it’s still a prototype, the paper neighbourhood - more commonly known as the "paper city”, which is the geographical definition of a place that doesn’t exist in reality - may not be with us yet, but we can’t deny that it’s outlined on the studio’s map. Barcelona is preparing for the return of a multifaceted complex, based on the pillars of sustainability and minimalism. Aiming to develop Industry 4.0, Ecodistrict laMercedes plans to focus on innovation, the economy, shops and services. Even so, 60% of the space will be used for housing. As for the outdoor space, be aware that it will function as a harmonious meeting point to promote social cohesion. Oh... just one more detail: cars will be banned within the boundaries of the Ecodistrict, so entry will be open to those involved and, of course, to everything that is synonymous with sustainability.
Joana Rebelo
T. Joana Rebelo
P. Antonio Navarro Wijkmark, SBDA


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