Darwin Bucky

An eclectic exoskeleton 

Like a spaceship, Darwin Bucky lands on Earth as a solution for monotonous, impractical structures, demonstrating its evolved character through the futuristic layer that envelops it, along with its uniquely innovative personality. Permanently impermanent, the project by Andblack Design Studio was designed to create a model that could be dismantled and transported anywhere. The result is a versatile prefabricated structure that can be used as an art gallery one day and as a theatre the next. Accommodating up to 100 people in its 116 sqm, the dome is built to be reused and recycled, incorporating discreet solar panels. Reading between the lines, Darwin Bucky is the answer to the immobility intrinsic to conventional architecture.
Joana Rebelo
T. Joana Rebelo
P. Rights Reserved


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