Camp-de-Touage Service Center

History and nature

The Touage Camp "Tow” dates back to the time when the mouth of the Saguenay River, formed by the islands of Lac Saint Jean, was used as a towing station for logs. Hence, the pier – an emblematic structure formerly used for moving logs - forms the backbone of the project. A common feature that links history with creating a springboard for the new resort vocation of the Camp-de-Touage sector of Pointe-Taillon National Park in Quebec (Canada). The architects themselves said it: "We have a huge responsibility when it comes to building on the natural environment.” The Camp-de-Touage Service Center thus combines a poetic and coherent architectural resolution with its natural environment.
Filomena Abreu
T. Filomena Abreu
P. Stéphane Groleau


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