Arched residencies in Santorini Island

A glimpse of paradise

In Greece, on the island of Santorini, an exciting project by studio Iraisynn Attinom has come to life. This residential complex contains four independent villas, moulded to the rocky part of the island. The project captured the world’s attention at the A+ Awards 2022, when they were successful in the Unbuilt Hospitality category. Sheltered from the north-westerly winds and facing the sea, these unique residences accompany the Mediterranean landscape. Outside, arched ceilings, swimming pools, semi-open spaces and premium views. Inside, two floors that contain living room and kitchen, master bedroom, bathroom and much more. Among shapes and colours that invite sun and stillness, the construction embraces sustainability with its eco-friendly and locally sourced materials.
Joana Rebelo
T. Joana Rebelo
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