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The role of motorbikes on a more sustainable path

Rogério Mota

BMW Motorrad Country Manager

Rogério Mota
Companies are currently going through one of the greatest challenges ever: they want to be increasingly sustainable, while at the same time having to ensure the profitability of their business. We have also seen, even during the pandemic, the radical behavioural changes, en masse, and sustainability is always on the agenda. 
For a company operating in the premium sector, such as BMW Group, the challenges are even greater, as we cannot talk about quality, exclusivity or experience without including sustainability as something inherent to the products and services we provide. We have been changing our strategy, across all our brands, to be increasingly more ecological and also meet the targets imposed by Brussels.
It is in this regard that we consider motorbikes to be a suitable response to the current challenges. We know that, in everyday life, most people commute individually to their workplace. How many hours and frustrations in traffic, square metres of car parks or tonnes of pollutant gases could be saved if these journeys were made by motorbike? There are numerous advantages associated with the use of motorbikes and BMW Motorrad, a BMW Group brand, is very focused on offering its customers a more diverse and, at the same time, increasingly ecological choice of products.
There is still a long way to go, but we want to be increasingly sustainable. We have been significantly reducing the CO2 emissions of our vehicles, complying with the Euro5 Standard, which involves a reduction in fuel consumption, one of the focal points of development of combustion engines.
An example of this is the recent announcement of the new electric scooter from BMW Motorrad, the BMW CE04, which, besides its commitment to electric mobility, has a future-oriented design and innovative connectivity solutions.
It is also an investment by the brand in the production of smaller motorbikes, adapted to more urban riding. All this without forgetting the indescribable pleasure of riding on two wheels and the emotion that characterises our brand and that, over the years, more and more Portuguese people have fallen in love with.
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