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Sustainable Design: small gestures for big solutions

Filipa Fleming

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Sustainability in the fashion industry

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Mónica Hedderich

Art Director of hmdfurniture

Mónica Hedderich
Every day we are surrounded by things we definitely need: that sweater for when it gets cold, that hat for when it gets hot, that banana peeler that will save us a tonne of time and that new piece to decorate our home for our guests.

We need these things just as surely as plants need sunshine. They are essential elements to keep us entertained, we need to feel as if we are moving forward or helping someone. And when we can’t find another way to do this, we buy something that feels like it. We are in the era of sustainability – our food products have been replaced by organic, green, eco-friendly, sustainable ones. But what does this really mean?
Of course, sourcing is a very important aspect when it comes to achieving sustainability – certified and reliable sources are needed to develop products that have a minimal impact on our planet, but should this be the main goal?
Our consumption as individuals today is far from sustainable because it is simply impossible to keep up with the amount of stuff we own. We need to rethink how much we buy at the same, if not higher level, as we think about what we buy. I believe in the importance of building products that will last over time. To achieve this, two main goals come to mind: one is obviously quality – good quality materials don’t need much to shine.
Just like a recipe, when the ingredients are good, you need less ingredients and less preparation to achieve an exquisite meal. The same applies for furniture; a simple design can shine from nothing but the beauty of the wood or stone used. This brings me to the other intrinsic value: timeless design. A product with simple, lasting design, will never need to be replaced – it will stand the test of time against the changes in your life, in your taste and will easily adjust to different scenarios.
Sustainability means signing up to actions that can be continued forever. Clearly, buying new things often can’t be included in such actions and so I believe it is our responsibility to create nothing but ageless, everlasting, robust and beautiful pieces. Teach the next generation the importance of quality and art over the desire for things. This is our way of contributing to a better world. Enough of fast and disposable. Enough of creating waste instead of creating timeless beauty. Enough of more.
We believe in less, better, lasting. 
HMD Interiors is sourcing products 100% produced in Portugal to the world. We are proud of products made by artisan hands, with materials we know and trust.
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