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AMBITION 2039 Strategy

André Silveira

Head of Communication Mercedes-Benz Cars

André Silveira
We live in an unprecedented era. Climate change, digitalisation, declining markets due to the COVID-19 pandemic and huge challenges related to component shortages. At the same time, as in any crisis, new opportunities arise. 
Today, for us to remain "Mercedes” among the leading mobility providers, we need to change. Our aim is to create a new Mercedes-Benz for a new era: sustainable, fascinating, carbon-neutral and, last but not least, profitable.
For us, sustainability means creating lasting value for our shareholders, employees and partners, while always taking into account the environmental and social impacts of our activities and of our stakeholders along the entire value chain.
With the AMBITION 2039 strategy, our guiding principle and vision of the future, we are integrating sustainability into the heart of our business, as we are convinced that tomorrow’s mobility is possible with an emission-free fleet of vehicles. 
Mercedes-Benz is getting ready to become an all-electric brand by the end of the decade, where market conditions allow. By 2022 we will offer a range of battery-powered vehicles in every segment. From 2025, all architectures will be just electric and customers will be able to choose an alternative for each model. 
To facilitate this change, Mercedes-Benz is investing and accelerating developments in the area of innovation. In total, more than 40 billion Euros will be invested in electric vehicles between 2022 and 2030. Our main aim is to maintain our renowned technological leadership in the luxury segment, as well as in light commercial vehicles, while maintaining a clear commitment to our ambitious goals. 
We have a clear strategy, a highly qualified and motivated team, as well as strong support from the entire Board of Directors of Mercedes-Benz AG. We want to grow cost-effectively and create sustainable value for our customers, employees, shareholders and partners. The strategy is in place, our vision aligned. All that remains is for us to show, as we have always done, the way ahead for the future of mobility.
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