A superyacht with a "deck hole"

After a yacht shaped like a swan and another that resembled a shark, Lazzarini Design Studio’s latest superyacht concept may be one of its boldest yet.
The Rome-based design team has revealed images of Shape, a 69-metre yacht with a hole in the middle. The concept, which aims to run entirely on "clean” energy, features a huge empty opening in its superstructure, resulting in a silhouette unlike anything you have ever seen before.
Called a "deck hole”, the space is accessible via a bow entrance and has steps that go down to sea level, making it an ideal sunbathing area and able to be customised, to match the owner’s requirements.In the meantime, the yacht’s upper deck is equipped with a glass-bottomed infinity pool, offering swimmers fabulous views of the open space below. The saloon, located at the rear of the superstructure, is joined by six suites, with room for up to 12 guests. There is also a diving platform on board and a helipad.
The Shape, which has an estimated price of USD80 million (about €69 million), will be equipped with a hydrogen-powered propulsion system and will run entirely on clean energy, with a top speed around 24 knots, or 12 knots when in full electric mode. Solar panels on the deck are to be used to charge all the systems on board. Although still only a concept, the Lazzarini team says the unconventional design has received a lot of attention. If the Shape were to receive a proposal, it would take around 20 months to build.
T. Filomena Abreu
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