Rita Glória

“Travelling does wonders for your creativity”

She’s a well-know face from Portuguese television, from the show Querido, Mudei a Casa!, and no one remains unaffected by her easy smile and contagious energy. Her name is Rita Glória and she earned her degree in Interior Design from IADE, in Lisbon. Long before this further education, she would go from fair to fair with her mother, also an interior designer, taking in and admiring the trends of the world of decoration. Her CV includes time spent at an architecture firm and work with interior decorator Sofia Costa. She tells us that the travels she makes are a great source of inspiration and she prefers to create design projects for restaurants, shops, hotels, as they allow her to be more daring. For Rita, decoration without accessories is unfinished, because it is these that personalise the space and tell the story of the person who inhabits it. From now on, Rita intends to further establish her company and to work on projects of greater size and presence.

When did your interest in the field of ​​interior design come about?
You could say that I grew up in this environment, since my mother is an interior designer. From a very young age, I would go from fair to fair to see new trends and absorb many different cultures.

What inspires Rita Glória?
A little bit of everything, but, without a doubt, I still believe that travelling does wonders for your creativity. Sometimes you are under so much pressure that there is nothing like leaving your "little corner” to stretch your imagination.

Is there any branding or ‘signature’ that helps to identify a project as being yours?
I think that it has a bit to do with phases. It has been silk ribbon before, now maybe it’s the DIY I like to do to customize each space, identifying it with the person who uses it.

How has your participation/collaboration on the TV show Dear, Changed Home! influenced your career?
I love doing the show, and I think this is reflected in the work I do. I do not know if it has influenced my career, but the confidence that my clients have in my work has certainly increased!

What kind of spaces do you most like to decorate?
I really like to do restaurants and shops, because, as they are only for short visits, this allows you to be bolder. I also like to do work in hotels. I’d love to do one from start to finish, but, for the time being I’ve been doing small projects, for rooms, breakfast rooms, and lobbies.

"People have understood the value of our work and have also come to realise that sometimes this doesn’t mean spending more”

Is it easy to reconcile your style, your ideas, with the wishes of your clients?
It’s becoming easier and easier, because, as clients are becoming more aware of my work; they already know what my work is like and they know that I will always think of the best for the space and for their experience in it.

What should not be missing in a house in terms of decoration?
Accessories! For me a house without knickknacks is unfinished. These small objects are what tell the family history, and make it what distinguish one house from another.

Do you think that the Portuguese are more interested in seeking the services of an interior designer?
Yes, without a doubt. People have understood the value of our work and have also come to realise that sometimes this doesn’t mean spending more, but rather giving functionality, comfort, and purpose to each environment.

Do you have any particular project you have created for which you feel particular pride or fondness?
I am currently working on a lobby, a breakfast room and an inner courtyard for a hotel in Figueira da Foz: the "Hotel Wellington”. I am very pleased with how the process is going. I think it will look stunning!

What aspirations to you have for the future?
Professionally, I have many aspirations. I want to further establish my company’s work with larger projects, with greater presence, while always valuing the essential aspects of functionality, comfort and creativity... a great deal of creativity!

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