Watt Plaza Lobby

Minimalist and elegant

STUDIOS Architecture has given the lobby of the Watt Plaza in Los Angeles, USA, a new look. The soft glow of 350 Archilume luminaires – true decorative pieces, with energy-efficient chip-on-board LED technology - lead us into this new space. In the same way that design captures our attention. In this project science and beauty have been combined, but it is the lighting fixture on the ceiling that catches the eye. Banks Landl Lighting Design (BLLD) has designed a space with a total area of 15x19 metres of ceiling lighting – they named it P1M. The lighting design model was idealized from the floor, using a laser to mark each of the installation positions. Then each cable was assembled with different sizes. And this is the result. The P1M evokes several candles, poetically inverted.
Maria Cruz
T. Maria Cruz
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