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Eco-house, the floating "living box”

Located in Linz, Austria, this eco-building was built engulfed in nature, but not far from the city. The aim was to build an ecological residence, with just over 100 sqm, where sustainability was present, as well as design. The steep hillside terrain welcomed the eco-house, much of it built in timber – sourced from sustainably farmed Austrian forests. In order to avoid sealing the ground it was decided not to build a basement. And so, the structure made of recycled steel carries the dwelling and makes it look like a floating "living box”. The insulation is made of straw blown in after the wheat harvest. On the inside, it is the building panels, also made of straw, and the clay slabs and plaster that provide the climate-regulating effect. The ceramic tiles not only look good, but also contributed to the final result of this ecological construction. The floors and tiles too are fully sustainable, and the ceramic tiles are made from natural raw materials with clay as the main component - all tiles were supplied by Agrob Buchtal ceramics and come with the innovative Hytect surface, which offers benefits: antibacterial effect, without chemicals and neutralising unpleasant odours. The innovative Hytect surface enables healthy indoor air and a better quality of life.
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T. Maria Cruz
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