Natural and harmonious

The new massage boutique Oikoa – a Finnish word that means "inner self and well-being” – located in Zwolle, east of the Netherlands, invites us to leave the outside world behind and charge our energies in a natural and harmonious way. The 190-sqm project was designed by Concrete architecture studio, and supports a sense of serenity so that its guests can concentrate on themselves. In this way the central space was designed organically, right at the heart of the building, and the five treatment rooms around the perimeter. The space has been lined with several curved walls, finished in warm oak slats. Cosy seating areas have been created along these walls, with slightly curved benches upholstered in moss green velvet. In addition to the interior design, Concrete is responsible for Oikoa’s identity, from the name to its logo and website.
The bright white and pine green backdrops emphasise the natural and harmonious ambience of the massage parlour. Here, as much the oils as the colours are sourced from natural Finnish elements, such as ferns, poplars, blackberries and campanulas.
Maria Cruz
T. Maria Cruz
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