MRM – House of SCRAVES

With a degree in Business Management and a master’s degree in Finance, Rita Furtado worked for various international companies until she founded The Art of Living in Portugal in 2014, a company aimed at providing luxury experiences. However, on a February day in 2018, her fascination with scarves and the many ways of wearing them led her to create MRM, a brand that carries the initials, emotions, colours and art of all those involved, as the mentor reveals: "It’s like a journey where a mother and two daughters come together, discovering what they love most, with reference to the initials of our names: Maria, Rita and Marta; and the logo is a lion, which is actually also the family name.” The history behind this brand reveals dozens of scarves manufactured with natural materials and with sizes beyond, almost, the realms of imagination, as they can be worn as dresses, around the waist, around the neck, or just as a simple headscarf, and originates in her childhood, when Rita was delighted to see her mother always wearing scarves in a normal or, sometimes, unconventional way, wrapped around her handbag or as belts. So, in 2019, after an in-depth search to achieve at a product of excellence, MRM presents to the world its first collection composed of six scarves inspired by the works of the Brazilian landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx. There is, however, one characteristic common to all the pieces, a yellow hem that, according to Rita Furtado, "serves to give the brand a life and identity of its own, it is sewn by hand in a roll on the edge of the scarves and, although the meaning of colours in psychology has more than just a sensorial explanation, the colour yellow is very much associated with the sun, good energy and the positive vibes that are part of life.” These scarves, which bring even more colour to your days, transforming grey days into a bright palette, draw their inspiration from many contemporary artists, mostly Brazilians, and anyone who buys them gets a guide with a couple of dozen suggestions of ways to wear them at any time of day or night, extraordinary allies that should always be kept close by. For any size or pattern, just use the magic words: stretch, fold, twist, knot, repeat... and wear without restrictions, because there are dozens of ways to wear these incredible pieces of art. 
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