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New concept of brand and space

Designer Gio Rodrigues has introduced a new brand and space concept, associated with an updated, sophisticated and trendy image, and a personalised service and premium format, which aims to add value to the consumer experience. The project is based on a market approach that follows the brand’s growth. In addition to a bride and groom collection, the renovated space, located at Rua 31 de Janeiro in Oporto, also features a Pret-à-Couture range, always with the brand’s DNA very much present, either in the use of premium materials, or in the design.

Although the company was founded in 2007, the Gio Rodrigues brand has existed for many more years, but the Portuguese designer’s relationship with fashion stems from his childhood, as he was part of a family involved in the art of sewing. The constant concern for customers’ wishes, the obvious quality of the materials used and the talent of the designer have, over the years, earned the brand its reputation, as it continues on its upward path.
Because the designer aims to achieve ever increasing levels of excellence, his renovated store brings to life a new concept of brand and space. The five floors, entirely reinterpreted by the designer, taking inspiration from a recent trip to Bali, appeal to the senses and are one of the ways of winning over new target audiences. A powerful ally throughout the process, luminosity now brings to the studio lighting that best highlights the forest green and royal blue hues that illuminate and paint the cosy and luxurious rooms. In the midst of this scenario, marked by elegance and glamour, in which the details stand out and impress, the leading components are the Gio Rodrigues creations, the DNA of which is celebrated through the use of premium materials, such as silks, cashmere, cool wool and Swarovski crystals, elements that blend in perfect harmony between design and art.

Five floors, entirely reinterpreted by the designer, taking inspiration from a recent trip to Bali.

Additionally, because luxury is also – or above all else – an experience, the brand has now invested in a more personalised service and in a premium format. This format includes the elegant and generous changing rooms to welcome brides and their families, distributed throughout the new space, consisting of store and studio, combined with fewer daily appointments, so that the designer can devote more time to each bride, making them feel special and more able to find their dream dress. Because, after all, this is to be one of the happiest days of their lives!
In addition to the bridal gowns and dresses for female guests, to suits for grooms, to party dresses and to the Pret-à-Couture range (a mix of ready-to-wear and haute couture), the Gio Rodrigues brand also offers accessories, such as precious jewellery, shoes, veils, bags, etc. Opened on September 27, eight years after the store opened, this renovated space marks the beginning of a new direction for Gio Rodrigues. "I needed to change my life, my vision and even the place where I worked. All the visual and conceptual changes are the embodiment of my new self and of the brand’s new facet”.
The entire process of the brand’s restructuring will culminate in the launch of a new website and the presentation fashion show for the new SS19 collection, scheduled for the month of November in Oporto.

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