A timeless, organic, and versaile collection

Nairobi is the name of the most recent collection of Homes in Heaven (HiH) – a furniture brand with more than twenty years and a comprehensive knowledge of the market. The collection, consisting of a console, bedside table, coffee table, and square side table, follows HiH’s distinctive line, characterized by a timeless design, which also claims to be cosmopolitan, maintaining all its quality. This collections, designed for the young public, a demanding one and with a taste for urban style, integrates natural elements, such as metal, wood and straw materials, combined in a simple and modern way, and valuing more organic and comfortable environments. In a symbiosis that varies between retro and bohemian styles, these pieces, practical and sophisticated, are extremely versatile, looking good in any environment, whether in the city, in the countryside or on the beach.
HiH was established in 1997, in London, by Miguel Pires de Lima, having quickly conquered other cities in England. In Portugal, it has a store in Lisbon. At the international level, the brand is also present in Madrid, Marbella, Sevilla (Spain), and is foreseeing new investments, since the brand has seen its work recognized in many sectors and by several professionals from all over the world, who request HiH furniture to give rise to their dream projects.
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T. Ana Monteiro
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