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The Summer House pavilion

An exemplary luxury pergola that brings the best of indoor comfort outside, Jardin de Ville presents its Summer House Pavilion. Increasingly, and in these unusual times around the globe, people are tending to make their home even more pleasant and comfortable – the result of so many days spent at home. There are many adventures to be had. The trend, for the outside spaces of their homes, is to strive for a more welcoming and appealing environment. More than ever, these spaces have become indispensable. 
For this reason, Jardin de Ville has sought to integrate the uncompromising comfort of indoors in the open air. This is what the Summer House Pavilion offers. It provides shelter from rain, insects, cold and sun; it has adjustable slats and side openings, smart sensors and a mobile application to control everything, and even heating. Now wouldn’t you say that that’s everything you could ever need to create perfect conditions, as if you were in the indoor comfort of your home? You’re right, you would. Now you can make the very most of outdoors and stretch summer into autumn. 
The patented smart motor system is controlled by Bluetooth. It allows you to enjoy your courtyard, garden, the outdoors, in periods of rain or when the summer sun has its hat on. The temperature and sunlight sensor allows the right amount of light to enter the space. Primarily thanks to the geolocation data, the slats are automatically tilted according to the position of the sun. And when it rains, the waterproof slats close mechanically. The Summer House Pavilion’s wind, rain and sun sensors work together to help and give total freedom to the user. 
In addition to this system, the pavilion also includes an impressive series of integrated accessories, such as LED lighting, speakers, video projector, USB chargers and sockets. This space lends itself to creating a cosy environment or even a party. The Summer House Pavilion adapts to your wishes. You can enjoy a cup of coffee under the morning sun or on a rainy afternoon; take a reading break; enjoy a barbecue with friends; a movie night… There will certainly be plenty of reasons to stay in (out). 
This system is available in various options of modular glass or wood panels and you can customise them in terms of design. You can create your own style. You can always complete your pavilion with privacy screens, sunshades, insect screens, etc. The base structure comes in various sizes, in black or white, ideal for various decorative styles. If time is of the essence and you would prefer a turnkey pavilion, then you can choose from three existing styles: Cosy, Chic and Star. With this pavilion system spaces and people’s lives have been expanded.
Jardin de Ville is a company based in Quebec, Canada, and a leader in the design of high quality outdoor furniture. It stays ahead of trends, whether through shapes, colours or materials used.
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