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Joaquim Salgado

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Nini Andrade Silva

Founder of the Nini Andrade Silva Design Centre

Nini Andrade Silva
For me, interior design is the main thing responsible for the contrast created between the internal plasticity of spaces and the aesthetic rigour of their exterior. It is in the pursuit of the best of these two worlds that it becomes possible to carry out projects that respond effectively and with quality to each and every issue arising when designing a space.
Anyone who knows my work knows that I have never felt too comfortable with regard to everything to do with trends or fleeting fashions. I relate much more to experimentation, to ideas that go beyond the very sources of inspiration and to the constant search for the connection between architecture and design, whereby both concepts merge into one. All this freedom of creation, which merges into the creative method and process, can be seen in the exhibition open to the public at the Nini Andrade Silva Design Centre, on Madeira Island. I can say that this is where the limbo begins between feelings, creation and the work of art itself... Active and dynamic, the Design Centre can be seen as a space of culture, experience, emotion and sharing, that is to say, a laboratory of ideas, which promotes and fosters creative and innovative processes in the field of design. The permanent exhibition there, which is part of my private collection, is the root cause behind the creation of this space, a project whose exhibition language allows, at the same time, an insight of the history and culture of the Island of Madeira.
In addition to exhibits, in the Design Centre you can find out about the whole process of the art of designing and its various stages, from the simple sketch, to transmit a useful thought to the project, to technical drawings, three-dimensional imaging, elevations, cuts and photomontages. The coherence of the whole is achieved through the sum of the parts and it is precisely here that the importance of a narrative that is able to bring together the whole, giving it a visual combination, comes about. I often say that it’s not what you see, but what you feel, and the Design Centre is precisely that, the dimension of emotions and senses. It is a place for meeting and sharing, endowed with unique services and space valences, such as a bar-cafeteria and a restaurant, with one of the most breath-taking 360º views over the Bay of Funchal. From here you can the mountains dipping all the way down to the sea! It’s a unique place!
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