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Fashion is across the board and eclectic

Egídio Alves

Footwear designer

Egídio Alves
Today fashion is across the board and eclectic. We live a retrospective of past decades. We travel in forms, textures and trends that have already been practiced, yet we translate them into refined, modernised ergonomics, adapted to the present day. The evolution of technology has brought many benefits to the world of fashion. We have witnessed this in the world of textiles, leather goods, accessories and footwear, among others... From the softness of fabrics, new cuts or new silhouettes to access and the ease of buying materials through the many online channels scattered around the world.
Fashion is also an individual experience, which finds its context in the pattern of each individual, in their daily life and in the way they are in life, according to their personality and charisma. Today, I see fashion as a visual "pun”, anything goes, mixing it up, "playing around” according to the pattern / image that we want to reflect. We can feel this experience when we travel and move from city to city. Today, as creative forces / designers, in fashion, we are focused on a chic casual style: sportswear, sneakers, contemporary shoes, which are very fashionable, but without losing any elegance. In shoes and leather fashion accessories, the Egídio Alves brand (EA) identifies with a concept of glamour and elegance, expressing this in slender heels and vibrant colours, adapting its concept to current trends.
It is common in EA collections for us to have the collection divided into "families” according to the different models developed. In other words, for a model of shoe we have the high shoe (70s inspiration), the medium heel, the low, until we come to the sneaker, without ever losing any of the elegance that characterises this brand.
Fashion is this: a fusion of styles, personality and taste, allowing us to be who we are, adapting our style on the basis of our life.