Rolls-Royce Dawn

Luxury in all its splendour

True luxury. These are the details that make all the difference in this new Dawn convertible, which Rolls-Royce recently presented in Portugal. This is a luxury model that leaves no one indifferent. We had the opportunity of experiencing it for real. And what a sensation! It was unique and exceptional. Can you imagine driving four-wheel luxury – comfortable, safe, spacious and packed with technology, not to mention the impressive acceleration? It is a splendid experience, and the notion of excellent driving lifts you to another dimension, where wonderment is guaranteed. 
Once again, the mythical British brand has succeeded in amazing us. We drove through the Sintra mountains and coastal road next to Guincho beach at the wheel of this magnificent Dawn model, and one thing is certain: it was a journey we will never forget. We took advantage of every detail of the vehicle, driving with the wind in our hair, on a glorious sunny day, perfect for a test drive. The thrill of driving this car was undeniable, whether with the top down or up, while the beauty and structure of this car far outstretches any expectations. Developing over more than five metres long and almost two meters across, the Dawn is an elegant engine, boasting 563 horse power; a V12 engine; acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 4 seconds and average fuel consumption of between 15 and 25 litres per 100 km. The price is around €500,000 and, for fans of this model, the nearest official dealer is in Spain. 
Iconic as always, Rolls-Royce remains faithful to its history and there are several details that make it the most exclusive and unique brand of all time. One of the details that immediately stands out in the Rolls-Royce Dawn is its custom umbrella, ingeniously slotting into the bodywork right next to the driver’s seat – an essential piece for rainy days –, another factor is the comfort of the rear seats and the detail of the doors that open in the opposite direction to the usual – they are upholstered in leather, with wooden detailing, and to close them, simply push a button on the driver’s left side.
That said, feel free to put your foot on the accelerator pedal... and happy driving!
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