Lexus – 15 years at the forefront of electrification

Lexus was born in Japan in 1989 and was launched in Europe the following year with a single model - the LS 400. Very quickly reached the podium among luxury brands. Ten years later, the first RX Generation would appear on the market, the model that marks the birth of the luxury SUV segment.
Therefore, evolution and leadership mark the 30 years of a journey that, although seeming small, is giant. This year, the brand has new reasons to celebrate. In 2005, it created the world's first luxury hybrid Crossover, quickly combining fuel economy and low emissions, which allowed it, in the following years, to easily become the European leader in the electrification of the premium segment.
15 years later, and being a pioneer in hybrid technology and motorization, Lexus currently has the widest range of hybrids on the market, which promises several advantages over the competition, with its ecological and economic Self-Charging Hybrid system, which does not neglect comfort and luxury finishes.
Ana Monteiro
T. Ana Monteiro
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