Yamaha bets on electric mobility 

Prototypes are presented in Tokyo 

After Harley-Davidson and Honda entered the electric engine market, Yamaha did not want to stay behind and, during the Tokyo International Motor Racing Show, presented the E01, its first electric bike, which, although still a prototype, is expected to be launched soon. The Japanese brand is also expected to launch the E02 at the same time. The big difference between the two models is that the E01 has a similar capacity of a combustion motorcycle with 125cc. The sporty design, enhanced by Bridgestone's slick tyres that complement this prototype, reveals that Yamaha intends to bet on environmentally friendly sports scooters. The second model, the E02, will have an approximate capacity of a combustion motorcycle with 50 cc and will have removable battery. No technical data sheets or further technical details about the performance of these two Yamaha electric bikes have been provided yet, but it is known that both models will have a design identical to that of a scooter.
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