Fernando Jorge

Remembering the man and its architecture

"The time seen by an architect…
In the world, we all assume the role of an architect. We all make sketches, sometimes unconsciously, of what we dream for our life. The choices are almost all on our side. "Doing" or "saying" is almost always the question. But time, however uncertain, always reveals itself too short.
For an architect like Fernando Jorge, there are two types of TIME: the one of architecture, which he tries to shorten for the comfort of those who inhabit the spaces he designed; and the chronological time, commanded by nature, by God, by will, and choices.
Regardless of everything else, in the end, perhaps we can say that a happy heart is a heart that has always walked hand in hand with the peace of mind for having created TIME, whether spatial or chronological, a place where are smiles, generosity, and love."
(Written by Filomena Abreu for Essejota website in 2013.)

It’s been two years since Fernando Jorge leave us, but his essence is still very present in the work he left behind, as well as in the friendship that remained for life.

T. Filomena Abreu
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